7 Must-Read Insurance Technology and Strategy Articles to Wrap Up 2013

There’s a great amount of information on the web regarding insurance technology as it relates to the customer experience. Here are some of the articles we at Cincom Eloquence found enlightening but if you’ve found something else you think is worth sharing, please let us know. In the meantime, here is some great industry-leading insight that we […]

How can we ensure that our customer-facing resources are following the same communication generation processes?

Each month, we feature an “Ask the SMA Expert” article from Strategy Meets Action. The following thought-leadership article is provided by Mark Breading, SMA Partner. Many insurers recognize the need for consistent customer communications. Since insurers have a variety of customer-facing employees and business partners that interact with policyholders, it is vital that the insurer’s brand […]

5 Steps to Build a Stellar Document Strategy

Documents are everywhere. They are a part of everyday work. If you work for insurance, healthcare or finance industries, the sheer volume of documents produced each day can drain the enthusiasm from your most eager document strategists. An organized approach is essential if you hope to get your hands around the scope of your strategy. […]

Montana State Fund Transforms Its Communications Processes with Cincom Eloquence®

Workers’ Compensation Insurer Improves Compliance, Productivity and Efficiency CINCINNATI, Ohio — July 30, 2013 — Cincom Systems, a worldwide software provider, announced today that Montana State Fund (MSF), the state’s largest workers’ compensation insurer, has experienced significant improvements in its customer communications from its implementation of Cincom Eloquence® (http://documentoutput.cincom.com) In a newly-published case study, MSF […]

5 Modernizing Distribution Tips: ACORD LOMA 2013 Key Takeaways

How important is it to insurance companies to leverage investments in document generation and technology? According to Gartner analyst, Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, “Leveraging these technology and service alternatives for enterprise agility can give insurers get ahead of the competition and stay ahead of market demands.” During Ferrante’s speech “Insurance 2017: Digitalization Meets Comsumerization” at ACORD LOMA, […]

Ping! Chat! Touch!

Ping! Chat! Touch! – When high-volume communication must adapt to instant messaging! Visit our booth and join us for our talk at DCOM, the Dutch conference for document creation and document output. DCOM Document Creation & Output Management November 15, 2012 Hoevelaken (near Utrecht), Netherlands (http://DocumentOutput.cincom.com/meet-us)